Men love successful women And so should you...


A little background

I just spotted it again, another post on Facebook about how women should never “rely on a man”, and that men are “threatened” by successful women.

quote: “Ladies, don't let a man hold you back from your goals.”

As if 99% of all men are stuck in the male chauvinism glory days of the 1950s. The post goes on to call all women to action, as though there is a war coming and they need to be prepared for it.


Personally, I love the passion and the huge accomplishments women have made in the twenty-first century. Women are more successful now than any other time in our history, and it's awesome.

I grew up in a household with four strong female personalities (hey sis!). I've trained with several female MMA fighters. I have scar above my left brow from a female fighter, blood dripping, she simply said “next!”.

Maybe that's what inspired me to write this blog post. To share an opinion most men I know strongly agree with.

My opinion? I think most men find a woman who can take care of herself very attractive. We don't want a woman who lies in bed all day while we take care of everything for her. That's unhealthy, and exhausting.

We aren't intimidated or threatened by female independence and strength. We don't want to hold women back from goals, or see them fail.

Women are equal to men in terms of human worth and value, and should have every legal right men have. No question about it.

Some women reading this post are going to say they have met guys that are intimidated by a successful females. And they are right, a 2006 study found that (some, not all) men found intelligent women appealing until they perceived her as smarter.

I would argue the type of guys that are intimidated by successful women are just insecure wankers, and women should avoid them completely. The same is true for any relationship, if you hang around with negative people, it will hold you back from achieving your goals.

Most men I know are working hard to pay the bills, pay off credit card debt, fund a start-up, or max out a retirement account. And that is EXACTLY what most women are doing as well.

Life isn't easy, sometimes it's damn hard. Two people working together to build wealth and security for the future is a lot better than going it alone.

I think women can rely on men. But a woman should not rely on a man to pay her bills and do everything for her. Instead, rely on your man to be encouraging and supportive while you pursue your dreams and goals. And do the same for him.

Everyone wants to have an equal say in decisions, big or small. Couples can work together, and respect each others opinions and goals.

Men are men, we want to have input on decisions, and not feel resentment because we are being emasculated by some girl power agenda that assumes we don't want you to be successful.

It all comes down to balance and respect. Guys aren't out to sabotage women's success in the world. We love it.

Are you struggling with this issue in your relationship?