How to improve your success this year

Do you want to make the coming new year the best you have ever had? If you’re starting a new business or want to double or triple your existing business this year, this will help you.

What I’m going to share with you may surprise you a little.

It’s not the usual cut expenses, pay off your credit cards (you should of course), live like your poor and save every penny for retirement.

My advice for increasing your prosperity in the coming year and allowing you to create a better lifestyle for yourself and your family comes down to one word, a “System”.

You might be thinking “what the heck is Bryan talking about, a system”?


Every entrepreneur should have a system they follow daily, weekly, monthly, and annually. Period.

If you already have a system at work in your business, awesome! There might be room to improve it, make it more efficient, scalable, to produce better results.

Your system doesn’t need to be some complex rocket scientist diagram taped to your closet door, it can be very simple and effective.

Think about it from this perspective, lets say (a real world example from one of my business ventures,) you found a great product that millions of people want, and, it’s consumable so they are very likely to re-order it over and over again on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

Let’s use health supplements niche as an example.

Following our formula for success you create and apply this system:

  1. Create a written list of 75 friends or business contacts.
  2. Call them between the hours of 5-8 PM, keep track of the ones you reach, and the ones you don’t.
  3. Ask how they are doing and after some friendly dialogue tell them you have started a new business and ask them to write down the URL (this might go to a webpage you created).
  4. Tell them you will call them back later to get their opinion.
  5. When you call back ask them “what did you like best it?” The answer will likely be a positive one.
  6. Ask them if they are interested in trying a (free) sample of the product. If YES then send it to them, and follow up after they have tried the product, then sell it to them! If NO, ask if they would be interested in making money referring other people to the product (as an affiliate).
  7. Call them back in a week or two and see how they are doing, continue to follow up and make sure they are happy and answer any questions (basic customer service principles).
  8. Refresh your list, add new people, and repeat steps 1-8 above!

Do you think you could generate a few sales a week? Possibly daily? And if those customers continue to buy your product for several months in a row, and refer other friends, you’ve just created a nice “residual income” stream.

Have doubts? I used this exact system to build up a $40,000+ a month health supplements business.

It works!

The key point here is to create a system that you have the discipline to follow on a consistent basis that can change your financial situation very quickly.

This system could create a virtual lifestyle and put you right on the beach in some far away exotic place. Many entrepreneur friends of mine make a nice living using this simple formula.

So grab a cheap notebook, something to write with, and create a simple system for your business.

If you want to get a little more “techie”, there are several awesome free tools out there for Windows and MAC users. I use Skitch and MindNode frequently in my businesses.

As always, leave comments, share your stories and experiences using your system.