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2013-business-ideasThis year was great for me considering I moved to a new city, started (another) new business, and the economy is still recovering from the downturn. [Click to Continue]

Ever notice when your in the grocery store and waiting in the checkout line your eyes gravitate to the latest “trashy” tabloid?

This isn’t just a “girl thing” mind you,  guys do the exact same thing. [Click to Continue]

With so many experts out there it’s hard to know which ones you should follow.

The more important question is how many should you follow? I will get into that shortly… [Click to Continue]

Inner Circle AwesomenessBIG NEWS – For a limited time only I’ve re-opened the Inner Circle program for a few serious entrepreneurs.

If you like sandy beaches, traveling, and creating the ultimate lifestyle business with other fun and energetic business owners then keep reading… [Click to Continue]

Developing Your Story

by Bryan

Stories are very powerful. People WANT to hear your story. As children, our parents read us stories before bed. Our history as human beings has been kept alive for generations by telling stories. As an entrepreneur, especially one that has been in business for a while,

Why Events Are Important

by Bryan

I just returned from Kansas City, after missing two flights and driving all night in a rental car, I arrived to an event not really sure what to expect. I heard rumors and some of my colleagues told me this would be the experience of a lifetime,

Could “pinning” an image get you sued?

by Bryan

Before the title causes any panic, let me say it’s EXTREMELY unlikely. But this topic is something we should all keep in mind while using Pinterest (or any other site). While doing some research I found a recent study that indicates Pinterest is driving more referral traffic than Twitter.

How To Become An Entrepreneur

by Bryan

So, your ready to become an “entrepreneur” are you? Well, the first thing I would say to you is AWESOME! If we were together I would give you a big handshake. After the big celebration and a couple aspirin

Video Sales Letter How To

by Bryan

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock (like in the GEICO commercials), you have probably noticed the web has gone video crazy. FaceBook, Twitter, Blogs, Product Launches, and even dating websites, video

New traffic to old posts

by Bryan

If your like me, you have a bunch of old Blog posts. The worst part is, you put your heart and soul into writing them, and now they are buried somewhere on your website, right? Here are some suggestions to use those